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FLAME DROP - Progressive Rock from Switzerland


In September 2022, Roland Hegi and Felix Waldispuehl started to gather ideas for a progressive rock longtrack in Roland`s recording studio.

After the two musicians had previously worked together in the instrumental prog rock band FORS, as well as Roland co-creating some of Felix` tracks, the idea of a new project came up. 

The track "Out of balance", which was the starting signal for the first FLAME DROP album "Flow", was the first joint composition. 

Roland`s guitar melodies, riffs, synthesizer harmonies as well as bass grooves and rhythmic ideas merge with Felix` drum grooves, piano harmonies/melodies and spherical ideas. 

The two musicians draw from their creative pool which is influenced by dozens of bands and performers from the prog rock and fusion history.


So far the music is purely instrumental and all instruments and effects are played by Roland and Felix. ​


The name FLAME DROP stands as a synonym of the two protagonists. 


In addition, Roland acts as producer of FLAME DROP's music and also designs the visual realization of the compositions.

Stylistically, FLAME DROP may be assigned to progressive rock. 

However, FLAME DROP will not set itself any creative limits.

First album "Flow" has been released October 22, 2023 at Amboss Rampe, Zurich. 

More information about Flame Drop:

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