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Further productions

Paul Mancini Group (album "travels" released 1997)
Pazzoo (album "promote yourself" released 1993)

Rolf Bischofberger (album "the road to you" released 2009)

Stephan Anton Gunnar Roos (album "Colors" released 1993)

Troppo Forte (album "La Stazione di Milano" released 1991)

The Space Orchestra by Stephan Anton Gunnar Roos (album "Mission 99" released 1997)


musicians i've played with


Jannick Jungck

Felix Waldispühl

Harry Schärer

Doro Wetter

Rolf Bischofberger

Stephan Anton Gunnar Roos

Isabelle Loosli

René Deck

Heli Gruber


Sal Sciré

René Morf

Markus "Schlagi" Rahm

Herbert Muff

Nino Cacioppo

Sandro "Pigger" Pinazza

Walter Keiser

Dean Jovic

Benni Müller

Bruno Stutz

Tom Szabo

Bruno Gsell

Hendrix Ackle

and with many other great artists.....

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